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The Game of Alliance overview

🀝The game of Alliance is over

The Game of Alliance ended on March 2nd, 2023. This page is for reference only.

What is Alliance?​

Alliance is an open-source Cosmos SDK module that leverages interchain staking to form economic alliances among blockchains. By boosting the economic activity across Cosmos chains through creating bilateral, mutually beneficial alliances, Alliance aims to give rise to a new wave of innovation, user adoption, and cross-chain collaboration.

To learn about Alliance use cases, see the Alliance overview.

The Game of Alliance​

The Game of Alliance was a three-week incentivized testnet competition designed to battle-test the Alliance module ahead of its mainnet release. Users and validators completed various missions and bounties – such as delegating tokens on Game of Alliance chains or creating the best automated staking tool – to compete and earn points and prizes.

Start time and shuffles​

The competition began on Feb. 9th and ended at 00:00 UTC on Mar. 2nd.

🀝The game of Alliance is over

The Game of Alliance ended on March 2nd, 2023. This page is for reference only.


The rules of the game are simple:

  1. Players must start with a new wallet and fill it with tokens from the Faucet.
  2. Players must use a single wallet throughout the game.
  3. Players must stake tokens on at least one Game of Alliance chain.
  4. Automated tools to stake, unstake, and transfer tokens across IBC are allowed.
  5. Players cannot transfer tokens to another wallet. Interchain transfers on the same wallet are allowed.
  6. To be eligible for rewards, participating validators must submit this form to prove their identities.
🀝The game of Alliance is over

The Game of Alliance ended on March 2nd, 2023. This page is for reference only.


In addition to trying to earn as many staking rewards as you can, there are a total of six missions to complete, each with a corresponding score:

Score 1-10Mission
1Delegate to any validator using the Alliance module
1Redelegate to any validator using the Alliance module
1Undelegate from any validator using the Alliance module
1Claim staking rewards from any chain
3Undelegate from one chain, send tokens through IBC, and delegate to a different chain at least ten times
10Run a validator with >80% uptime for more than five days on one of the Alliance chains

Note: Performing the above missions multiple times will not grant a player additional points.

Scoring and prizes​

Scores are based on three factors:

  1. Staking yield: a higher total yield means a higher score. Try to optimize your staking rewards by redelegating after each parameter shuffle.
  2. Missions: perform on-chain actions and earn points. A perfect mission score is 17 points.
  3. Bonus Bounties: win a bounty to boost your airdrop.

All these factors will be used to calculate a final score. At the end of the game, players that followed the rules will be eligible for an airdrop from a soon-to-be-announced Alliance blockchain based on their score.

Specific details on the chain and airdrop will be released in the near future, so make sure to follow and turn on notifications for @terra_money on Twitter!

Bonus Bounties​

Players can boost their airdrop by winning a bonus bounty:

  • Best Alliance data visualization: Create a dashboard to visualize Game of Alliance data.
  • Best scoreboard: Design a leaderboard to track player scores.
  • Best meme: Create a funny Game of Alliance meme.
  • Best automated staking tool: Build a tool that helps players reallocate their Alliance assets when parameters change.
  • Open category: Be creative and submit something that doesn’t fit into any of the other categories.

Players can make bounty submissions here. Winning selections will be announced on Twitter by Mar. 16th.

Get Started​

🀝The game of Alliance is over

The Game of Alliance ended on March 2nd, 2023. This page is for reference only.

To play the Game of Alliance, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new Station wallet.
  2. Request testnet funds (this action can only be performed once per wallet).
  3. Transfer tokens between chains.
  4. Delegate to a validator on an Alliance chain.
  5. Claim staking rewards.